The Band

Djoukil is a French Jazz Swing band founded in 2008.
The musicians are inspired by different music styles : Gypsy Jazz, New-Orleans jazz and Big Bands.

Jazz Manouche

That Jazz « à la française » is a mix of American swing and European traditional musics initiated by Django Reinhardt during the 30s’.

Djoukil wishes to interpret the tradition of swing rhythm and melody from France with a deep care for authenticity.

Instruments :

Clarinet, Violin, Guitar, Accordion, Upright bass, Drums.

New-Orleans & Big Bands

In 2017, after two U.S. tours, Djoukil reinvented themselves as a swingtet and began a deep dive into the repertoire of New Orleans jazz and Big Band music inspired by greats such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller and others.

Their specialty is playing for “Bal Swing” particularly for dancers of Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa

Instruments :

Vocal, Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet, Trombone, Banjo/Guitar, Piano, Upright bass, Drums.


  1. Swing 42 Djoukil 2:41
  2. Bastian Quintet Original 2:07
  3. Valsajo Djoukil 2:20
  4. Swing Promenade Djoukil 2:40
  5. Anouman Quintet Original 5:00
  6. Java Manouche Djoukil 1:32
  1. Bunny Swingtet 2:12
  2. Wang Wang Blues Swingtet 3:23
  3. Midnight In Moscow Swingtet 2:46
  4. Swingin Shepherd Blues Swingtet 3:22
  5. Rendez-Vous au Bal (Medley) Swingtet 3:44
  6. Rockin' In Rythm Swingtet 3:34
  7. A Date With Ray Swingtet 4:58

Mobylette 1st CD (2015) - 9 tracks



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Bal Swing  

Friday 30 April 2021 - Saturday 1 May 2021Collegno-TorinoRoyal Swing FestivalItaly
Time: 20:00. Address: Lavanderia a Vapore Corso Pastrengo 51. Venue phone: +39 346 85 81 695.

Swing et Idéal  

Saturday 29 May 2021CharlyThéâtre MelchiorFrance
Time: 20:00. Address: 357 rue de l’église. Venue phone: 04 72 30 01 61.

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